Nectaris is a turn-based tactical strategy game (hexagonal map). It has a distinctly sci-fi flavor, with battles unfolding on the harsh surface of the Moon. Indeed, the game’s very title—Nectaris—is derived from the Latin name Mare Nectaris (Sea of Nectar), the lunar region that serves as the game’s setting.

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>Edge of Time was released for the Sideways SEUCK Game Creation Compo 2015. In this shooter type game you control two robot like characters shooting at enemies each from a different era of time. The top one is from 2022 A.D with the war just beginning and the second from 2050 many years later.

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>Never think to know all C64 games. Today I found out this diamond in the roof!

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Amiga Apocalypse

Amiga Apocalypse
Amiga Apocalypse

>Apocalypse by Virgin Games (1994) , sort of Choplifter Remake,

bit difficulty playing at the beginning , very fun after some practice ,

nice graphic .

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