Brilliant logic game about piracy of vessels battle well done.

One of these is the 17th Century naval setting, with the opposing galleons of Black Pete the pirate, versus Captain Carlos of the Spanish Armada. Each opposing ship has 15 troops (checkers) laying in wait in the cannon bays, ready to pounce out onto the “game board”. Each of the five cannons bays has three troops. You have the option to play as Captain Carlos or Black Pete.

The task regards 15 pirates on any of the two ship who must infiltrate into the enemy’s ship as they must do in your. The playing field is a 6×5 grid Series, which has a 4 “field”.   Each pirate reaches level 3, so wisely, they need to run it in a battle.


A humorous aspect to the game is that the two opposing captains can be seen pacing backwards and forwards, across a plank and the top of the cargo net. When your side is winning, your captain adopts an aggressive posture, leaping across the net, while your opposite shrinks away, twitching on his own ship. The captains’ body language is a humourous indicator of how well your team is fighting.

The first step is to choose which windows are opened out (fire button) and once this is done, then the (remaining joy and fire) movement, they can be dispatched. After the opposing force of what we can come again. If our people are in the field, then diagonally up diagonally down, advance one of the directions by entering determines which direction to move our people forward. After selecting (and pressing the fire button) will move to the direction of the pirates !

If a field owned by the opponent then we then took it from him in the blind box to die, and if they (top or bottom) refrained then we will get through the far edge of being on the sidelines. The steps (and the response) after we had decided that we move forward on the outstanding we may or not add more than one.

The goal, as said, is crossing into the opponent’s ship. Only an open window can get into their ship, where there is no one inside or the in-pirates will kill you !



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