How to repair your Commodore 1541 Disk drive

repair disk drive

How to repair your Commodore 1541 Disk drive :

Commodore 64 Disk Drive Repair Guide .
Old VHS brought back to life .

SECTION 1 Common, Logic Board, Power Supply problems, Foreign Object in Drive

SECTION 2 Tools and Supplies

SECTION 3 How to disassemble and reassemble

SECTION 4 Which component is at fault

SECTION 5 How to adjust Drive Speed and head alignment

SECTION 6 How to troubleshoot and repair the logic board

SECTION 7 Other Problems

SECTION 8 Preventive maintenance


>Here a more recent video :



1541 Diagnostic Cartridge

I have repaired a fair amount of drives, and every time I find myself loading a test or a diagnostic software from disk. This is a bit of a contradiction since the drive being tested, or repaired, might not even be able to load a program. I also have a variety of tools for different purposes and wanted to have everything in one place.

This is why i created a 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge.

The challenge was to get all these tools to fit into a 8K cart. I wanted to keep the hardware simple and a 16K cart would have overwritten the Basic interpreter.

Therefor I have optimized both code and visual on the tools to keep the size down. Some tools are old, others were written from scratch and a few I rewrote in machine code instead of basic. A couple of the tools are still in Basic, but optimized.

The cartridge is an 8K ROM at $8000-$9FFF

You can also use RESTORE to return to the menu.

You may need to send a “I0:” or turn the drive off/on before running further tests if an previous error has occurred.

Original Source.

How to fix a non work FLOPPY DISK – Commodore 64
Demo of Copy Clone XL for my C64 blog:


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