>The Hokuto and Nanto Stars are finally back on our screen in a fantastic new version of Hokuto no Ken: Sensei No Michi. 


The Italian team this freeware gem, the Hokuto Project Team have been able to further improve this already excellent fighting game by releasing a new version that squeezes the MUGEN as it had never did before and bring a new playability with high level and performances rarely found in similar products.

Here are some of the features in this new version as I have been notified directly by the development team:
1 new character (Rei of Nanto)
1 new Stage (Hokuto Temple)
Graphical selection of internships
3 different models of AI (I think for the first time in the “history” of mugen, some of our char learn from their mistakes, players make mistakes like humans, have their own “memory” and a different way of approaching problems [some for example, if a particular attack is not successful they feel different, others can “fixated” on wanting to run a couple of times the same technique])
variables used in the AA at the same time we crammed three different values ​​(the mugen has a very limited number of variables available to programmers)
some stage have elements that vary depending on the char that are fighting (for example Toki’s stage along with Lynn and ken is burt to look at the meeting, if one of two challengers, however, is Kenshiro, you won’t see in game)
introduced an air recovery system in the game


54 bugs fixed :

Bug that allowed AI native of Engine of cheating on the countdown (which happens in all other projects mugen) time “up” after a knockdown, depending on whether the character is in good shape, in fair condition, or critical .
Installer / Uninstaller slightly improved
The game is now composed of 6304 frames .

Add that the game modes are always numerous: ARCADE, VERSUS TEAM ARCADE, VERSUS TEAM, TEAM COOP and many others. The controls are fully configurable from the Options menu .


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