<In 1946, the Soviets began construction of City 40 in total secrecy, around the huge Mayak nuclear plant on the shores of Lake Irtyash. It would house the workers and scientists transported from across the country to lead the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons program, and build an atomic bomb.

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Last Flight of the Icarus


>Planet of the Apes is a 1968 American science fiction film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, based on the 1963 French novel La Planète des singes by Pierre Boulle. The film stars Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Maurice Evans, Kim Hunter, James Whitmore, James Daly, and Linda Harrison. It was the first in a series of five films made between 1968 and 1973, all produced by Arthur P. Jacobs and released by 20th Century Fox.

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Eternal Hero


>We dedicate this post to the Memory of this true modern hero,
Aitzaz Hasan must be an example for this and the next generations,
his death in the glory makes of him a real martyr in the face of any religion of this planet,
there’s no much to add except that this hero should get the Nobel Peace Prize
and be exalted from Now to the Eternity because he is an eternal hero .


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