L0pht Heavy Industries


L0pht Heavy Industries testifying before the United States Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, Live feed from CSPAN, May 19, 1998. Starring Brian Oblivion, Kingpin, Tan, Space Rogue, Weld Pond, Mudge, and Stefan von Neumann.

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Computer Terror and Distruction
Issue #1 – BBS Infiltration _____By the Chamelion

>This article starts of the first issue of Computer Terror and Distruction. Each issue will deal with a particular area of computer distruction, dealing mostly with different ways to fuck over computers.

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by Rob Rosenberger with Ross Greenberg

>A number of myths have popped up recently about the threat of computer “viruses”. There are myths about how widespread they are, how dangerous they are, and even myths about what a computer virus really is. We’d like the facts to be known.

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